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A very strange Thing

I guess it was around the year 1980 when I found this device on a scrapyard. I was immediately fascinated because it was such a contradictionary thing. Solid mechanics, fragile cables. Having it at home the disassembly showed even more strange objects inside. I guess it is a sensor. But for what? Electrostaic fields, a field mill? But the body is made out of metal. A humidity measurement instrument? But how should it work? Measuring the capacitance would not require a chopper wheel. So the question remains. Anybody out there who can help in identifying it?

(Available under: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw_p0y7rZxk)

Click on the PCB photos to enlarge...

Pic (P1)

Pic (P2)

Pic (P3)

Pic (P4)

Pic (P5)

Pic (P6)

Pic (A)

Pic (B)

Pic (C)

Pic (D)

Pic (E)

Pic (F)

Well, what the hell is that?


The miracle is solved! I did not believe it... and such devices are still in use today!

2023 Alexander Mumm